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    My name is Anthony Scalia.  I’ve owned countless Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler vehicles.  I’ve rescued, modified, raced and restified many 68-74 Mopars including Road Runners, Super Bees, Challengers and Barracudas over the last 30 years.  It was fun, time consuming, often expensive yet always worth the endeavors.  Along the way I’ve met great car guys and enjoyed life long friendships that sprouted from our mutual interest in Mopars and continue to this day.  I’ve enjoyed 22 years of success as a Professional Mobile Locksmith and have contributed to that profession by designing handy tools, sharing tips and tricks of the trade with others in my profession.

    Back in early 2018 I sold my 2014 Challenger R/T and bought a 2016 Challenger R/T Scat Pack 392 Shaker.  I knew my Shaker hood scoop allows extra cold air flow into the engine I had heard of others removing the inside headlight caps, exposing hidden tubes that allowed extra air flow into the air box via a Mopar headlight to air-box connector.  After installing my Driver's side headlight to airbox connector and uncovering the passenger side tube, I realized there might be a chance of debris getting in there so I made a pair of screens.  I shared my project on Facebook and got a few likes and messages asking if I would make them available for sale. 

    Every Challenger owner reading this is familiar with the awesome array of colors Ma-Mopar has given us to choose from.  Our shared dilema is having to choose just one color.  After finding only two kinds of headlight inserts I found that neither met my needs.  I gave up my search and set out to instead produce my own  colored headlight ring inserts in multiple colors that would easily swap in and out, that won’t break our wallets.  After a few weeks I had come up with several designs.  I located a company that had the tooling to make my prototypes made into an affordable reality .  My Headlight Rings are made of a durable ABS material  and proudly made here in the USA.    I've made it a point to not offer aluminum rings as there's already a company that sells aluminum headlight inserts and they have an excellent product and reputation they've earned and deserve in the Mopar commuinity.  

     Some have asked "Why the name Pinky Ring?"   The answer is It has to do with my Italian family heritage.  50 years ago my grandmother gave my father a new gold pinky ring when I was born.  I can't recall a day when I saw him not wearing it.   Before my dad passed in 2000 after an 8 year long battle with cancer he gave the ring to me.   I think of him every morning when I put it on.  The Pinky Ring is named in honor of my dad, Patsy Scalia, Jr.

     By the end of summer, our Mood Rings were selling well,  I had added a simple screen only ring called the Nero ring and two new colored steel headlight inserts,  the Mezzo and the Toro,  while continuing my plans to design and develop various ring sizes and products to stand out and expand my company's offerings.   In October of 2018,  I introduced my latest ABS headlight ring, the “Diablo”.  The Diablo Headlight ring is unique as there is no need to remove the factory inner headlight caps and therefore fits EVERY 2015-2020 Challenger model, from SXT to the mighty Demon.   Diablo rings also are also available with choice of screens and a wide variety of custom decals.   We also have tail light decals for 2015+ Challenger Scat Packs, Hellcats and Demons.  I think you'll have fun building your very own Diablo rings on this website.  You'll find Paypal checkout to be fast and secure,  shipping is always free and I personally make sure your items are packed securely and on it's way to you via USPS First Class within 2 - 5 business days as painted items need time to cure.

     Scalia Motorsports has your need for colorful and functional headlight bling covered.  Mood-Rings are available in ANY color.  We stock 20+ OEM Dodge colors and if there’s a color you don’t see listed here, let me know what it is and I’ll get it for you.   New for 2019 we are offering Custom painted Diablo Rings to match the popular under-hood anodized finished add ons. These are currently available in Red and Orange.  Send me pics or an actual sample of what you’d like matched and I’ll make your custom rings to match your desired color.  

 If you would like Aluminum Headlight Ring Inserts, Your choices are GENPARTSCO's D.I.P.S. Inserts and Merrick Motorsports Ring Inserts.  Why mention competitors  on my site?  Because they both make fine products and we're all in this hobby to have fun with our Challengers.  So why not get along and help out each other going forward.  If you've already purchased a set of rings from Merrick Motorsports and would like a set of custom screens to compliment his excellent product, we offer those here.  

    My mission going forward is to continue to make affordable fun visual and performance products to share with my fellow Challenger owners.  Thank you for visiting Scalia-Motorsports.com and Mood Rings.com.  When you have a moment, please check out my videos on YouTube for my latest products and installation videos. I hope you’ll hit the “Like” and “subscribe” while there: