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    My name is Anthony Scalia.  I’ve owned countless Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler vehicles.  I’ve rescued, modified, raced and restified many 68-74 Dodge and Plymouth classics including Road Runners, Super Bees, Challengers and Barracudas over the last 30 years.  It was fun, time consuming, often expensive yet always worth the endeavors.  Along the way I’ve met great car folks and enjoyed life long friendships that sprouted from our mutual interest in Mopars that continue to this day.  I’ve enjoyed 23 years of success running my Mobile Locksmith and have contributed to the profession by designing handy tools, sharing tips and tricks of the trade with others in my profession.  There's a distinct satisfaction from opening locked doors and safes with unknown combinations that very few ever get to experience and I am proud of my success in this business.

    Back in early 2018 I sold my 2014 Challenger R/T and bought a 2016 Challenger R/T Scat Pack 392 Shaker.  I was aware the Shaker hood scoop allows extra cold air flow into the engine and had heard of others removing the inside headlight caps, exposing hidden tubes that allowed extra air flow into the air box via a Mopar headlight to air-box connector.  
After installing my Driver's side headlight to airbox connector and also uncovering the passenger side inlet tube, I realized there was a good chance of debris getting through so I fabricated a simple pair of Steel headlight ring inserts with screens. While functional they weren't particularly great looking. 

    Every Challenger owner reading this is familiar with the awesome array of colors Ma-Mopar has given us to choose from and our shared dilemma is having to choose just one color.  After finding just two kinds of headlight inserts on the market  I realized neither one met my specific needs.  I gave up my search and set out to produce my own line of headlight ring inserts offered in multiple colors that would easily swap in and out and wouldn't break wallets.  After a few weeks I had come up with several designs.  I located a company that had the tooling to make my prototypes a reality and named it the "Mood Ring".  Our first colored ring was the Pinky Ring and made of durable ABS plastic and an optional screen.  By the end of summer, our Pinky Rings were selling well.  I added a simple "screen only" ring called the Nero and new colored steel headlight inserts, while continuing my plans to design and develop various ring sizes and new products to stand out and expand our company's offerings.
    Why the name Pinky Ring?" The answer is It has to do with my Italian family heritage.  Just over 50 years ago my grandmother gave my father a new gold pinky ring when I was born.  I can't recall a day where I ever saw him not wearing it and before my dad passed in 2000 after an 8 year long battle with cancer he gave the ring to me.  I think of him every morning when I put it on.  The Pinky Ring is named in honor of my dad, Patsy Scalia, Jr.

   Why ABS Plastic?  ABS material is very durable and I've made it a point to not offer aluminum rings as there's already two companies that sell aluminum headlight inserts.  In October of 2018,  I introduced my latest ABS headlight ring, the “Diablo”.  The Diablo Headlight ring is unique as there is no need to remove the factory inner headlight caps and therefore fits EVERY 2015-2020 Challenger model, from SXT to the mighty Demon.  Diablo rings also are also available with choice of 3 screens.  I think you'll have fun building your very own Diablo rings on this website. 

       If you would like Aluminum Headlight Ring Inserts, your choices are GENPARTSCO and Merrick Motorsports Ring Inserts.  Why mention competitors  on my site?  Because they both make great products worth considering and i'd like to think we're all in this hobby to have fun with our Challengers.  If you're active on Social Media and frequent Mopar related pages you may have read negative comments about myself and perhaps even a spat between Merrick Motorsports and me.  Hopefully that's all in the past or on it's way to being there.  Search all of Facebook or Instagram for any negative comments towards Merrick or his products and you'll find not one derogatory comment or slight by me about his products.  When I first started I commented once on someone's Facebook post about Rings and I typed "safe your money, mine are cheaper than Merrick's" which was ill thought out on my part and hastily posted (Note the spelling error, half asleep I wrote Safe not Save) in my defense it was early morning around 5am.  Although my comment had no malice intended I understood his initial response upon viewing it but as far as for the copycat allegations. that I take exception to as they are completely inaccurate and undeserved.  I've made it a point to Not offer parts identical to my competitors and will continue that practice, out of respect.  Most folks don't realize it but GenPartsCo D.I.P.S. Screens actually brought the first headlight screen insert to market and therefore should be noted as the Original. Also worth noting is the contribution to this hobby for Challenger owners by Mr. Merrick, who is an excellent painter, he runs a great business, and I have no ill will towards him.  There aren't many business owners that will encourage you to check out their competitor's product lines before making a decision to purchase but I do.  Checkout both GenPartsCo and Merrick Motorsports and purchase what you feel would look best on your Challenger.   If you've already purchased a set of rings from Merrick Motorsports and would like to add screens to compliment his standard size aluminum rings, we offer affordable and easy to install screen kits.   

     I appreciate your interest and visiting Scalia-Motorsports.com and I would be honored to have my products on your Challenger.  You'll find Paypal checkout to be fast and secure,  shipping is always free and I personally make sure your items are packed securely and on it's way to you via USPS First Class within 7-10 days of purchase as painted items need time to cure.

My continued mission for Scalia Motorsports is to make affordable visual and performance products to share with my fellow Challenger owners.  I thank you sincerely for visiting Scalia-Motorsports.com and Mood Rings.com.  When you have a moment, please check out my videos on YouTube for my latest products and installation videos and always appreciate your hitting the “Like” and “subscribe” buttons while if you enjoy the content.