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    After removing the front shields under the hood, if your Challenger still has the black inner headlight tunnel caps you will need to remove these covers by gently pushing them out from behind. 

    Once the tunnels are opened up, Simply apply an even amount of pressure with both thumbs on the outer lip of ring and insert fully into the headlight tunnel. avoid pushing on the screen if yours came with screens.  If needed, you may use a small dab of liquid dish soap but not normally needed. If equipped with R/T style screens, make sure they are installed “level” for the best appearance.

    As of March 15, 2019 we have upgraded our NERO and PINKY RING Headlight Insert sleeves.  We are now using a combination of more flexible materials under the outer rubber layer that secures the ring inside your headlight air tunnel.  Most customers will simply remove their New rings from the shipping box, unwrap and install them and thats how it should be as every ring is test fitted before shipping and we’ve accounted for all temperature variations in the design.   If you’ve purchased more than 2 sets and you like to swap different colored rings in and out often, you’ll be happy to learn that you can now adjust the tightness or looseness of fitment to your preference.  What the heck does that mean and how exactly do you adjust these?  It’s quite easy actually.  We’ll have a new video out by end of March explaining how simple it is.  Look for our New Youtube channel video by end of Marc 2019 to see how easy it is.


    These are different than the Pinky rings in that you do Not have to remove the factory air tunnel caps. Simply clean the outer headlight surface well, peel the red 3M adhesive sticker layer from the backside of the ring and with both thumbs, gently press onto your headlight until secure. It’s that easy.  You may remove the ring one or two times in first hour or two. the 3M clear adhesive is very secure and will not leave any residue or damage to your headlights. If ever removed longterm, it is recommended that you consider replacing the 3M adhesive strips before reinstalling. you will need just 10.25” per ring.  You can always contact us for replacement strips. 

    If your Rings came with screens, then of course you will need to remove the factory air tunnel caps beforehand.  If you’ve purchased a sheet of our DIABLO Decals, Cut and apply dry (No water needed) and take your time.   If your DIABLO rings are equipped with screens, be sure to apply whatever script decals you piece together level  with the screen design, especially the R/T screens. 

    Need further help installing any of our products?  Visit our SCALIA MOTORSPORTS YouTube channel for detailed instructions and if you find our videos informative and even slightly entertaining,  please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for future product releases and promotions.

    Thank You for your purchase. Your satisfaction with our products is very important to us. 

Anthony Scalia