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PINKY Headlight Rings - Pair

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PINKY RING Headlight inserts are offered in every OEM colors as an affordable option for those of us that still have a hard time choosing just one single favorite color.  These are meant to be easily installed and swapped out.  You like Torred one day but the next day you’re feeling Plum Crazy Purple?  Next week you might be in more of a Yellow Jacket or B-5 Blue mood.  It doesn’t matter what color your 2015 - 2020 Dodge Challenger is, any color Headlight ring insert you choose to roll with will certainly be a great conversation piece.  PINKY RINGS are made of durable, weather resistant ABS plastic. The only prep needed is to remove your factory inner headlight air tunnel caps, if equipped. 

Check out our R/T style and Honeycomb pattern screen options.

 All PINKY rings have 3 coats of paint and 3 coats of High Gloss clear coat.  Please allow 7-10 days to receive your order as paint requires time to cure.

Handy custom carry cases are a great option to keep your headlight rings safe and organized if you're purchasing 2 - 3 pr more Pinky Rings.