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Rear Headlight Screens

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Part Number: REAR-SCRN-R/T-1
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Available July 13th, 2019,  Scalia Motorsports is Proud to be the FIRST to offer 2015 - 2020 Challenger owners Rear Inner Headlight Tube Screens in 3 Styles;  Rad (R-T) Tony Grill,  Super Rad (SRT) Tony and Honeycomb(HC). These screens fit perfectly on ALL 2015-2020 Challenger Headlight housings.  Let us know ifd you have Aftermarket Custom Illuminated Headlight tunnels, We have those as well.

Our Rear screens require No Glue or adhesives and install easily in 2 mins.  Standard screen is the RT pattern,  If you want the S-R-T style  or HC style be sure to note your choice at checkout.  

Single Screens are $29.99 and $49.99 a pair,  Add Color to your screen for just $10 each