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Shaker Template - Driver Side

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Your Price: $24.99
Part Number: EC-DS-TEMP
Availability: In Stock.
We're proud to offer this easy to use, Reusable Template to modify Driver's Side engine covers that are Not standard equipment on 392 (Scat Pack) Challengers with the Shaker Hood Package.  Our templates allow you to modify your engine cover to fit perfectly around the Shaker scoop-to-Air Box rubber intake hose.

We've taken the guess work out of modifying these OEM covers that are missing from or 392 Scat Pack Shaker Challengers. This is a real time and money saver for just $24.99 available in Silver or Black.  Templates are custom made of Multi layered flexible rubber and are available in Silver or Black.  If no color is specified at checkout you will receive whatever color is in stock.  

You'll need a dremel with cutting wheel, safety glasses and a steady hand for about 20-25 mins.  Simply place the rubber template over your engine cover, align the appropriate slots and mark your opening to cut out with our supplied silver touch up marker. 

We also have Ready To Install covers in stock ready to ship to your doorstep for just $125 shipped.